Expert Tips For Camping With Your Dogs

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It is known to all that dogs are good friends for people because they are loyal, smart and friendly. With long time to accompany us, they even become an important part in our life so that we cannot abandon them no matter when we leave for somewhere. Camping with your dog not only connects you to nature and your pet but also entertains you much. However, the moment you go camping, there lie so many problems to solve if you decide to take your dog with you.

Therefore, here are some tips to help your dog’s camping trip become a relaxing and jovial experience.


Health and Safety

1. Make a reliable recall command to keep your dog out of danger, especially away from other campers who might not be so into dogs.

2. Write identifying information, vaccination record, health history and your telephone number on a laminated card and guarantee your dog wear it. 

3. Remove any remaining dog food after mealtime and place where unwanted wild animals and insects will not reach.

4. Use flea or tick repellents on the ground that dogs are higher risk in getting ticks and fleas. 

5. Give her a bath regularly in particular you find her fur becomes dirty, preventing from infecting diseases.

6. Buy a pet-specific first aid kit from any pet supply store, just in case.

7. Care for her health condition all the time so as to copy with the emergency timely.


Rules and Etiquette

1. No barking. Continuous bark can annoy your neighbors and wildlife.

2. Attention to leash laws. Some campsites only welcome restrained pets, whereas others are okay with your dog being off-leash as long as she is under voice control.

3. Let your dog stick near you at all times. Don’t make her out of your sight.

4. Prepare her sleeping arrangements to avoid any potential crises in the woods and make sure that everyone has a safe and comfortable night.

5. Don’t leave your dog unattended because she probably feels anxious and lonely.

6. Pick up her faeces with poop bags, keeping the environment clean and not attracting the undesirable guests.


Leashing tips

1. Leash your dog well away from your campfire.

2. Bring a retractable dog leash that is free to expand to give your dog relative freedom but never fail to control.

3. Tether the leash to you or to a stake when you have no time to watch her carefully.

4. Assure the leash is strong enough because an exciting dog is difficult to obey your order. Nylon dog leash is a good choice.

5. Have a portable exercise pen to provide your dog with more freedom,  which is designed to fold down easily and can be bought at local hardware or pet stores. 

6. Carry a leash with you while you're away from the campsite in case you encounter a situation where your dog needs to be secured. 

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